Visit the award winning Heritage Gardens Nursery at East Maitland. We are the largest plant nursery in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast area.
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Vegies & Herbs

Dill 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Anthemum graveolens</em></sup>
Dill 100mm pot
Anthemum graveolens

LEMON THYME 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Thymus X citriodorus</em></sup>
LEMON THYME 100mm pot
Thymus X citriodorus

Lemon Balm 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Melissa officinalis </em></sup>
Lemon Balm 100mm pot
Melissa officinalis

MINT COMMON 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Mentha cordifolia</em></sup>
MINT COMMON 100mm pot
Mentha cordifolia

Purple Sage 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Salvia officinalis 'Purpurescens'</em></sup>
Purple Sage 100mm pot
Salvia officinalis 'Purpurescens'

SAGE 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Salvia officinalis</em></sup>
SAGE 100mm pot
Salvia officinalis

STRAWBERRY SUPREME PUNNET</br><em><sup>Fragaria sp. F1 </em></sup>
Fragaria sp. F1

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