Visit the award winning Heritage Gardens Nursery at East Maitland. We are the largest plant nursery in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast area.
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At Heritage Gardens, we pride our business on offering the largest variety and best quality of specialty trees, plants, shrubs, fruit trees and natives in the region.

Our horticulturalists and buyers are committed to sourcing the most comprehensive selection of plants with a focus on quality and suitability to our climate and local conditions. We want to ensure that our customers achieve outstanding results with their planting, and this all begins with the correct plant selection and preparation of the garden & soil.

Our horticulturalists are on duty to assist with your planning and questions. Alternatively, our Garden Design service will ensure we turn your dream into reality.

Being located in a semi rural area, we carry the largest range of deciduous, evergreen trees and native trees in the Hunter Valley and Central Coast area. We can recommend tree selections for street plantings, backyard shade trees, feature specimen trees & privacy planting.


The correct preparation of soil prior to planting is critical to the success of your garden. At Heritage Gardens, we are happy to provide the advice and knowledge on how to achieve this. We carry a variety of different soils to suit all needs. From garden soil to top up existing garden beds, to potting mix and specialty soils such as Orchid Potting Mix, Camellia & Azalea Mix, Native Mix, Seed Raising, Cactus & Succulent Mix to name a few. We also offer products for organic gardeners.

We free Soil Testing in store so we can assess your specific needs.

We offer a variety of mulch options; from decorative mulch through to our preferred options such as sugar cane mulch, tree tree mulch & lucerne.

All of our bagged goods are clean and suitable for transport in your car. Our friendly team are happy to help with carrying and loading into your vehicles.

We also carry a selection of what we believe are the best products on the market to provide the nutrients your garden needs. From complete fertilisers to manures and organic composts.


Sub Categories:

Ground Morning Glory 140mm pot</br><em><sup>Convolvulus Moroccan Beauty</em></sup>
Ground Morning Glory 140mm pot
Convolvulus Moroccan Beauty

Groundcover Myoporum 140mm pot</br><em><sup>Myoporum parvifolium</em></sup>
Groundcover Myoporum 140mm pot
Myoporum parvifolium

Iceberg (White) 200mm pot
Iceberg (White) 200mm pot
Indian hawthorn  'Spring Time'</br><em><sup>Rhaphiolepis indica  'Spring Time'</em></sup>
Indian hawthorn 'Spring Time'
Rhaphiolepis indica 'Spring Time'

Japanese Box</br><em><sup>Buxus microphylla</em></sup>
Japanese Box
Buxus microphylla

Just Joey (Orange) 200mm pot
Just Joey (Orange) 200mm pot
LEMON THYME 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Thymus X citriodorus</em></sup>
LEMON THYME 100mm pot
Thymus X citriodorus

Large Spiral Topiary - Japanese Buxus
Large Spiral Topiary - Japanese Buxus
Lemon Balm 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Melissa officinalis </em></sup>
Lemon Balm 100mm pot
Melissa officinalis

Leylandii Leighton Green Cypress</br><em><sup>Leylandii Conifer – ‘Leighton Green’</em></sup>
Leylandii Leighton Green Cypress
Leylandii Conifer – ‘Leighton Green’

MINT COMMON 100mm pot</br><em><sup>Mentha cordifolia</em></sup>
MINT COMMON 100mm pot
Mentha cordifolia

Magnolia  ‘Little Gem’</br><em><sup>Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’</em></sup>
Magnolia ‘Little Gem’
Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’

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